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Roller Derby Stickies – a sticker pack illustrated and developed for the Messages app on iPhone! Over 50+ stickers to use in messages to liven up conversations for your roller derby team mates and friends. Bout day? There’s a sticker for that! Need to tell a team mate that their gear stinks? There are stickers for that! Boob sweat? There’s even a sticker for that! (Not even kidding…)

While Diane is a graphic designer by day, she’s a skater by night and created this sticker set out of a love for the sport. Share them with friends and team mates and download today!


How much are Roller Derby Stickies?
The set of stickers costs $1.99 through the App Store. Download here

Who made Roller Derby Stickies?
Diane Faye Zerr is a designer/illustrator by day and roller derby skater at night. She began illustrating the set in 2017 and developed the stickers in March of 2018.

Where can I use the stickers?
Currently, Roller Derby Stickies are available through the App Store on the Messages app of the iPhone and iPad.

Does the person I’m sending to also have to download the sticker set?
Not at all! You can send them to anyone on an iPhone or iPad from the Messages app.