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Audrey 1407
Audrey 1407
Audrey 1385
Audrey 1385 Th
Audrey 1384
Audrey 1382
Audrey 1381
Audrey 1376
Audrey 1375
Audrey 1371
Audrey 1369
Audrey 1378
Audrey 1407Audrey 1385Audrey 1385 ThAudrey 1384Audrey 1382Audrey 1381Audrey 1376Audrey 1375Audrey 1371Audrey 1369Audrey 1378

Custom wedding invitations designed for a romantic mountain-side celebration! Featuring a mint and gray color palette on bright white, this suite included custom drawn artwork for all pieces. This set included: Save the Date map, self-mailer; Wedding Invitation with outer envelope, inner envelopment, invitation, directions card, and reply postcard.

The designs are hand-drawn by Diane Faye.