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Journals – a source of inspiration

I’m immediately drawn in when I see a photo of someone else’s journal. Maybe because we think there will be some key or hint to their creativity, to an inside look – into their creativity, their thoughts, their lives. But recently I’ve been looking around to see what other artist’s use, what they put into […]


Inspiration – Women and Art in WWII

I’m not sure how the theme of female factory workers came to mind during my commute one morning, but I’m feeling inspired by the look and feel of them today. I sifted through all sorts of images on Google, and came across a few that caught my attention. Not sure if this will inspire future […]


Beth Cavener

I saved a video from Swiss Miss a while back, and finally took the time to watch it. I am in awe of Beth Cavener’s work! While it was at first reminiscent of carved carousel animals, I found them to be entirely unique and stunning. I immediately went to search for her work on Google, […]


Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide – Pencils

What is the point of lovely sketchbooks, if you don’t have the best pencil imaginable? Some of my favorites are listed below, but I can’t say I have to have one over another. As long as I have a pencil, I’m happy! I tend to switch back and forth between different kinds or just give […]


Escape to Camp

Every Fall I start missing the short season before it even ends. I have daydreams of going to camps with adirondack chairs, camp fires, and it tends to be around a lake. As a kid I went to camps during the Summer, with the Camp Fire Girls, Camp Cadet, and had so much fun! Locally, […]

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Hobbies as fuel

Sometimes our hobbies can fuel our work, and vice versa. Confession? I have a mild obsession with genealogy. I love unearthing my family history through documents, experiences, and the thrill of the search. But one thing that can really make my eyes pop open, is some of the lettering that I’ve seen through my document […]



Not sure why I have a minor obsession with space, but I do.

art print for G1988 show in LA

T-Bone & Aljax

I’m always surprised to find other creatives in a neighboring area when I’ve never heard of them before.


Sandra Chevrier

Stumbled upon the work of Sandra Chevrier and couldn’t resist sharing.



Not sure where this all came from, but I’m loving angles and especially triangles lately.