House Numbers by Monstar Metal

Slightly swooning over the iron work of Monstar Metal – in particular – the house numbers. I saw a DIY post on some house numbers over the Summer, and still haven’t made anything. But these iron house numbers and house names are definitely my style! Not sure what shipping would be from Australia, but I […]


The Slate

I’ve been experimenting in various ways to bridge the gap between analog and digital, but all devices have fallen flat because I couldn’t use my own familiar tools. The supplied pens or pen tools are still too clunky! Recently a video came across my Facebook feed for something called the Slate. It’s a ring and […]


Tina Kraus

Continuing with the paper theme, I discovered the work of Tina Kraus under the name faltmanufaktur. Her work ranges from illustration to cut paper, and I couldn’t stop myself from immediately following her on Instagram. The German artist has some great pieces and some are even Free DIY pieces that allow you to get crafty […]


Enchantment by Sarah Coleman

Admiring the process and work of Sarah Coleman aka Inkymole once again. Commissioned by BareMinerals, she created some wonderfully intricate illustrations for their holiday packaging. Visit her blog to see more images from the project.


Owen Gildersleeve, Pt. 2

Cut paper illustration has been on my mind lately, and I thought it might be something to fun to try my own hand at. Then I saw Owen Gildersleeve’s work, and was completely blow away, again. I posted about his work back in 2010, go figure! Tedious, sometimes immaculate, and entirely creative and fun. Take […]


Life & Death, SOA style

Recently, Under Consideration launched a pre-sale of some pretty rad posters featuring the life & deaths of characters from the Sons of Anarchy series. I was obsessed with the show and it’s story, and angrily waited each week to see who would bite the dust next. The poster arrived at my doorstep this week, and […]


German Stamps

Loving the fun illustrative work of Henning Wagenbreth for these German stamps. “He is convinced that stamps need to have a longer aesthetic half-life, and hence shouldn’t look like they were done by hand, as a quick sketch.” I think if a stamp design were solely focused on a word, or that the lettering were […]


Lettering Workshop

I can hardly believe it, but I’m hosting a lettering workshop! I’ve always been one to learn from others and absorb everything around me, but I’ve also heard that you can learn much more by teaching. So I’ve jumped in with two feet, and am hosting my very first workshop on Hand-Drawn Lettering, followed by […]


Five Favorites – Eye Spy

It’s the middle of the week, which can mean your week is dragging, or it’s moving along too quickly! I always like to take a break and look at some of my favorites on Etsy to keep me smiling. Here are five favorites that are making me want to break out my credit card this […]


Blanc Blanc

I can’t lie… I’m terribly fascinated with Blanc Blanc since receiving a lovely email from them a few weeks ago. A lovely due that combines design, lettering, craft into one awesome… something? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they are definitely doing something right in that I want to follow them in every […]