Quilt of Envelopes

Now this is fun. via


Blanc Blanc

I can’t lie… I’m terribly fascinated with Blanc Blanc since receiving a lovely email from them a few weeks ago. A lovely due that combines design, lettering, craft into one awesome… something? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they are definitely doing something right in that I want to follow them in every […]


Mister Finch

Mister Finch is an edgy textile artist, and that’s just summing it up with as few words as possible.


Florence + The Machine Print

I just got my hands on one of these beautiful prints from Keegan Meegan.


Paper Flowers from Thuss+Farrell

Pretty pretty paper flowers from Thuss+Farrell.

United Fakes

Wow, I’ve been truly admiring stop-motion and video work and have never really tried my hand at it. I am in awe of the work of UnitedFakes. reel 09 from UnitedFakes on Vimeo. And not only do they show the finished pieces, they also show the “making of” in several of their projects. I really […]

Sarah Illenberger

I wish I could pinpoint her style but I would say it’s a mash-up of craft meets high-end design. The paper, the texture, the typography… it’s all there. Sarah Illenberger is a visual artist/designer in Berlin who on occasion will team up with a photographer, but the majority of her work is solely hers. There […]

The Finishing School

Amazing craft and design by Sophie Williams for a stationery brand created using end-of-line sketchbooks as writing paper, and envelopes from the pages of donated books from the National History Museum. ‘The Finishing School’ was devised as my stationary brand with a conscious focus of reusing paper and other materials already in circulation.

Hand Stamp

I found these numerical stamps on Etsy in the store of Primele. What a great gift for someone, or to use on invites. I love the zip code idea.

Mums the Word

I just received my Paper Source catalog in the mail and this Mums Wreath Kit caught my eye, but for another purpose. These flowers would be great to use in a wedding for groomsmen, combine them to make a bride’s bouquet, or other decorations. I know you folks are crafty and could make it happen. […]