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William Grill’s Wolves

William Grill is an English Illustrator who recently released a book The Wolves of Currumpaw and his sketches are fascinating. William spent a week in New Mexico, where he sketched at a wolf sanctuary. The story is based on Lobo the Wolf and Thomas Seton seeking him out to kill him for a reward. View […]



Forever showcases key tattoo innovators and a broad range of fresh styles.

Vienna Notebook

I’m starting to fall in love with the Vienna Lomo Notebook by Lomography. Could it give my Moleskine a run for it’s money? Not sure yet but it looks pretty damn cool. It costs $16.50 (USD) and you can purchase a bundle that includes the Vienna Notebook and the Vienna City Guide for just $33.

The Rookery

Who ever is behind The Rookery … YOU ARE AWESOME! (And yes, I can use all caps there.) The Rookery is a binding and letterpress studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. From stitching and screenprinting, to bookmaking and letterpress – I want to live in their Flickr page! The above listing is what attracted me […]


If you are a follower of my Twitter page, you probably already know that I found a copy of the Spencerian Key to Practical Penmanship printed in 1867 in a local antique shop. I am 39 pages into the book and some of the writing is certainly hard to read – I’m so used to […]


Today at the library, my son and I were looking around for some new books to take home. He’s into Bionicle’s and Bakugan’s but I found something even more interesting on our search. I discovered the work of Mike Kunkel. I saw a book called Herobear and The Kid which looks super cute and the […]


Almost every year mom asks what I want for Christmas, and I always tell her “Books from my wishlist on“. These are the books she chose to get me this year. Thanks Mom! Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith home, paper, scissors by Patricia Zapata Interaction of Color […]

Wizard of Oz Notebook

Wow. This Wizard of Oz notebook immediately caught my eye on the NothingElegant shop over on Etsy. The book is a vintage-style sketchbook with blank pages and is available in four colors.

Grit City Inc.

I just magically stumbled upon Grit City Inc., an independent publisher releasing books that they would buy. Based in Philadelphia here’s a great quote from their site – “Our books are a tangible, beautiful expression of people and their stories. GritCityInc. is all about community love – must be our Philly roots coming through.” I’m […]

Lettering and Type

“Lettering & Type is a smart-but-not-dense guide to creating and bending letters to one’s will. More than just another pretty survey, it is a powerful how-to book full of relevant theory, history, explanatory diagrams, and exercises. While other type design books often get hung up on the technical and technological issues of type design and […]