Author: Diane Faye Zerr


Life & Death, SOA style

Recently, Under Consideration launched a pre-sale of some pretty rad posters featuring the life & deaths of characters from the Sons of Anarchy series. I was obsessed with the show and it’s story, and angrily waited each week to see who would bite the dust next. The poster arrived at my doorstep this week, and […]

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Hobbies as fuel

Sometimes our hobbies can fuel our work, and vice versa. Confession? I have a mild obsession with genealogy. I love unearthing my family history through documents, experiences, and the thrill of the search. But one thing that can really make my eyes pop open, is some of the lettering that I’ve seen through my document […]


German Stamps

Loving the fun illustrative work of Henning Wagenbreth for these German stamps. “He is convinced that stamps need to have a longer aesthetic half-life, and hence shouldn’t look like they were done by hand, as a quick sketch.” I think if a stamp design were solely focused on a word, or that the lettering were […]


Thirsty Thursday | Smoking Gun

It’s Thirsty Thursday! Today I’m featuring an illustrated recipe in collaboration with my friend, Mark Bittle. Mark is a local mixologist who knows how to concoct some pretty amazing drinks. All you need is this downloadable recipe, a few ingredients, and some friends to share them with. Enjoy the Smoking Gun! See more cocktails on […]


Lettering Workshop

I can hardly believe it, but I’m hosting a lettering workshop! I’ve always been one to learn from others and absorb everything around me, but I’ve also heard that you can learn much more by teaching. So I’ve jumped in with two feet, and am hosting my very first workshop on Hand-Drawn Lettering, followed by […]


Five Favorites – Eye Spy

It’s the middle of the week, which can mean your week is dragging, or it’s moving along too quickly! I always like to take a break and look at some of my favorites on Etsy to keep me smiling. Here are five favorites that are making me want to break out my credit card this […]


Ana Teresa Barboza

Swooning, just SWOONING over the work of Ms. Barboza! Something about it caught my eye and I haven’t been able to shake it from my memory. The embroidery work is fantastic and her work is just utterly unique! via The Jealous Curator    


Blanc Blanc

I can’t lie… I’m terribly fascinated with Blanc Blanc since receiving a lovely email from them a few weeks ago. A lovely due that combines design, lettering, craft into one awesome… something? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they are definitely doing something right in that I want to follow them in every […]


Jason Thielke

The etching and contour work of Jason Thielke reminds me of maps, and we all know, I love maps. These pieces are laser etched on to wood panels, and are visually interesting. I can’t say specifically what I love about them, but they certainly remind me of maps in some way.

Speedskating suits

Olympic Pinstriping

I’m loving the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, I can’t get enough of them! But one thing that really caught my eye, is the olympic uniforms by Under Armour featuring some pinstriping perfection. A friend of mine on Facebook mentioned that the pinstriping was done by Wizard’s and after an exhausting amount of searching, I’m […]