Author: Diane Faye Zerr


Beth Cavener

I saved a video from Swiss Miss a while back, and finally took the time to watch it. I am in awe of Beth Cavener’s work! While it was at first reminiscent of carved carousel animals, I found them to be entirely unique and stunning. I immediately went to search for her work on Google, […]


The Slate

I’ve been experimenting in various ways to bridge the gap between analog and digital, but all devices have fallen flat because I couldn’t use my own familiar tools. The supplied pens or pen tools are still too clunky! Recently a video came across my Facebook feed for something called the Slate. It’s a ring and […]


Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide – Pencils

What is the point of lovely sketchbooks, if you don’t have the best pencil imaginable? Some of my favorites are listed below, but I can’t say I have to have one over another. As long as I have a pencil, I’m happy! I tend to switch back and forth between different kinds or just give […]

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.47.01 PM

Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide – Sketchbooks & Notebooks

I’m a BIG-TIME stationery lover. Antique, new, doesn’t matter – but I want it. I have an obsession with buying pencils, regardless of whether I need them or not, but most of all, I can’t refrain from notebooks. Especially little notebooks! I’ve put together some of my favorite notebook brands below, and you should probably […]


Tina Kraus

Continuing with the paper theme, I discovered the work of Tina Kraus under the name faltmanufaktur. Her work ranges from illustration to cut paper, and I couldn’t stop myself from immediately following her on Instagram. The German artist has some great pieces and some are even Free DIY pieces that allow you to get crafty […]


Enchantment by Sarah Coleman

Admiring the process and work of Sarah Coleman aka Inkymole once again. Commissioned by BareMinerals, she created some wonderfully intricate illustrations for their holiday packaging. Visit her blog to see more images from the project.


Owen Gildersleeve, Pt. 2

Cut paper illustration has been on my mind lately, and I thought it might be something to fun to try my own hand at. Then I saw Owen Gildersleeve’s work, and was completely blow away, again. I posted about his work back in 2010, go figure! Tedious, sometimes immaculate, and entirely creative and fun. Take […]


Escape to Camp

Every Fall I start missing the short season before it even ends. I have daydreams of going to camps with adirondack chairs, camp fires, and it tends to be around a lake. As a kid I went to camps during the Summer, with the Camp Fire Girls, Camp Cadet, and had so much fun! Locally, […]


Post Office Blues

I recently visited a post office branch in the Norristown area, and was in awe at the WPA paintings within the building. While the employee at the counter didn’t know much about them, I couldn’t help myself but to do a little online research for United States post office murals. The paintings in the Norristown […]


Janet Hill

I am absolutely obsessed with the paintings of Janet Hill Studio. I don’t think there’s a single piece that I don’t like, and how often can you say that?! I can’t remember exactly how I discovered her work, but just take a look at the sampling below – and you’ll see why I can’t stay […]