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Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide – Sketchbooks & Notebooks

Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide – Sketchbooks & Notebooks

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I’m a BIG-TIME stationery lover. Antique, new, doesn’t matter – but I want it. I have an obsession with buying pencils, regardless of whether I need them or not, but most of all, I can’t refrain from notebooks. Especially little notebooks! I’ve put together some of my favorite notebook brands below, and you should probably try not to become as obsessed as I am. But if you do, that’s okay too. 🙂


#1 – Field Notes

Because again, I love little notebooks. The great thing about Field Notes is that they offer new colors and special editions, and you can purchase a subscription and you’ll never miss a release!


#2 – Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I’m obsessed with mine and carry it in my purse. I love filling it up, adding to it (I even put the Field Notes books mentioned above, inside of it!), and making it crazy. And Midori feeds that by offering a variety of extras for the notebook line. I don’t remember how I even stumbled upon this notebook, but it’s one of the best. In fact, go and search the images part of Google and you’ll quickly see why I fell in love with it.


#3 – Moleskine

You guessed it, my ultimate choice for notebook/sketchbook is a Moleskine. I switch between two sizes for my main sketchbook, but I can never get enough of these beauties. It has to be plain pages, soft cover, and ready for some serious doodles because it will be responsible for holding most, if not all, of my ideas. I cannot be converted away from it, and I’ve tried – believe me! It’s pages are perfect for a good ol’ HB or #2 pencil, and has a fun little pocket in the back that I like to fill with random things (feathers, leaves, ticket stubs, receipts, you never know what’s in the back of each and every one of my sketchbooks!)

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