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Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide – Pencils

What is the point of lovely sketchbooks, if you don’t have the best pencil imaginable? Some of my favorites are listed below, but I can’t say I have to have one over another. As long as I have a pencil, I’m happy! I tend to switch back and forth between different kinds or just give in to whatever I have in my pen bag.


#3 – Palomino Blackwing

A little too soft for my liking, but you can’t deny it’s beauty. It’s one of the best pencils if you like a softer lead, but I tend to like a medium or harder lead for sketching especially if I’m drawing on Marker paper.

RAD_AND_HUNGRY-Viking-Skoleblyant-Pencil RAD_AND_HUNGRY-Viking-Skjoldungen-Pencil_large

#2 – Viking

The Viking pencils are among my favorite! They know how to make a great pencil for writing or sketching. I’ve gotten all of mine from Rad & Hungry, and if you don’t know about Rad & Hungry, you are missing out on their travel posts and STMT kits!


#1 Derwent

Absolutely love my Derwent drawing pencil. In fact, I may need a new one soon! Derwent makes good quality pencils for the artist with great lead, but they lack an eraser. I’m kind of okay with that since I always carry around an eraser in my bag, but I’m kind of picky about erasers too. This pencil never lets me down and sketches well on any paper.

Runners Up:

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