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Paper + Print

Paper + Print

I haven’t taken many days for just fun as of lately, so I rented a car and Cody and I drove down to Philadelphia for Three Potato Four’s Paper + Print show!


Not only did I get out and about instead of actually working for once, but I got to meet some great designers/makers that I’ve only known online. To mention a few, Ryan from Neuarmy, Briana & Jason of Brainstorm, and I had been dying to meet Annmarie of Scout’s Honor Co.! And in addition to getting to see them all in person, I did some major shopping. I tried to buy something from each of them as well as a new bag for all of my drawing tools from Almanac Industries (and I love it). I think the best part was getting to finally put a face to all of the conversations (or retweets, replies, messages, etc.) that I’ve had online with so many wonderful people.

In addition to all of this (yes there was more), Cody had a blast with other kids while I got to shop through the vintage goods of Three Potato Four, and peruse the goods of PegandAwl, Spiral Bookscase, and Two Paper Dolls. After having a delicious lunch from the Say Cheese food truck we decided to drive down to Franklin Fountain desert but got completely side-tracked after Cody spotted the Philadelphia Museum. So we took a little (or big) detour to browse the permanent collection of my former place of employment (I miss that place!). Cody was in awe of the European collection, or more specifically, the armor and medieval warrior collection. He couldn’t believe some of the exhibits that they had on display!

And then finally, our last stop was at the Franklin Fountain where Cody got coffee-flavored ice cream and I got my usually Vanilla topped with their delicious pretzel bits. I wish they would sell the pretzel bits, I would buy a box of them!! But after a full Sunday, I was filled with joy and inspiration and got to share it with my son – who could have asked for a better day?! Certainly not me.

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