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Homemade Films

Homemade Films

A while back I contacted A Bryan Photo about documenting some family trips using Super 8 films. They have recently introduced a new package called Homemade Films. You get to borrow one Super 8 video camera, a LOMO, and a Holga. Also included is the film for both and a video tutorial DVD on how to use all the cameras! Once you’re done, you just mail the kit a back to them and they will process, edit and present them back to you in final form. Can you say, fantastic IDEA?!

My family goes on about three camping trips every year, and I know one day those will come to an end. How great would it be to have a record of it all? I know I’ll miss those days of sleeping in tents, waking up early and making breakfast and best of all, sitting around the campfire.

How cute are the results from this couple who did the Homemade Films on their Honeymoon?

Pricing begins at $1500, visit the site for more examples.

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