Digital Artist – John W. Golden

john w. golden on Etsy

Two days and counting to the new house and I stumbled upon the greatest artwork for my 4-year old son’s bedroom. John W. Golden, a digital artist has a store on Etsy filled with great prints of animals, robots and more. His prints average around $20, and sets from $48–$50. It’s a wonderful way to add artwork into a room and if you have a playful side or kids, then this is the store for you.

Robot-1 Robot-2

Robot-3 Robot-4

The robots are especially great, if you have a boy or know a boy at heart, then these will make great gifts or decoration.

Robot Rustic-1 Robot Rustic-2

Robot Rustic-3 Robot Rustic-4

John also has amazing prints with illustrations of “critters” with adorable names such as “Persnickety Opossum” or the “Relentless Squirrel”, they are just too cute to pass!

Critter-1 Critter-2

Critter-3 Critter-4

So if you are looking for that special something to add to your home visit John’s shop at and buy yourself some artwork! Oh! And if you’re interested John has a notice at the top of his shop that if you visit his blog and are a new subscriber to his e-mail newsletter, one lucky winner has the chance to win $100 worth of stuff from his store!

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