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When I was younger my mom used to cart me around with her to crafts shows where she would set up a stand and sell her homemade crafts. One of my favorite craft shows was the Hay Creek Festival, an annual festival at the historic Joanna Furnace where hundreds of volunteers demonstrate early American life from food to crafts and shows. From the homemade candy (delicious!) to the drilling of a tree to be made into a well (the smell was that of fresh paper) to the hand made marbled paper.

Currently this demonstration is performed by Barbara Weiler and Jeb Bland, so in all honesty I have no idea if these are the same people who created the papers I adore when I used to watch. They would make the paper right in front of you, design the marbled papers on their table and would hang them up to dry on a clothes line for passers-by to see the remarkable outcome.

Last night I was on the Paper Mojo site and was reunited with this type of paper. They have a variety of marbled papers that are absolutely amazing!

redWaveyellow chevron

These bold marbled papers are absolutely beautiful. From a multitude of patterns and colors to affordable prices you will be pressed to find a reason not to buy these papers. Prices range from $2.50 and up. The Serra Negra Marbled Papers – Linear Patterns are $11.00 for a 18×26 sheet. Serra Negra’s papers use a 16th century marbling technique combined with modern materials and aesthetics to create these refined marbled papers with sophisticated colors and metallic accents. All of their papers are hand marbled in Brazil.

Some of my other favorite paper collections:

All of the collections available on this site are worth browsing. Whenever you need a good paper for a great price, don’t forget to look up Paper Mojo.

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